Minnesota Flag Sleek New State: A Fresh Identity For 2024

Minnesota flag

Hey there, Minnesota fans! Got your cozy drink? Excellent, because we’re talking about a big makeover for the Minnesota state flag! Say goodbye to the old blue design with the Native Americans and farmers – it’s time for a fresh vibe that’s getting everyone talking. Let’s dive in and see why this change is a game-changer, what the new flag design looks like, and why it’s a big deal for all of us.

First off, this flag switcheroo isn’t a random choice. It’s about making things right. Some folks didn’t feel the old flag seen as racist’s vibe, thinking it was insensitive. So, the State Emblems Redesign Commission, thanks to the Legislature, stepped in to find a symbol that speaks more to our diverse Minnesota flag spirit.

After checking out a whopping 2,000 designs (imagine that!), they found a winner. The new flag design keeps it simple – it’s got the Minnesota flag shape, an eye-catching eight-point flag featuring the North Star, and a calm light blue block. There are no crazy colors, just cool whites, and blues to capture the authentic Minnesota flag vibe.

What makes this new design pop? According to Ted Kaye, the North American Vexillological Association flag expert, it makes the Minnesota flag one of the top 10 cool state flags. Think South Carolina, New Mexico, and Texas-level coolness. The eight-point star, which they’re hoping to call the “Minnesota Star,” is a nod to the one in our Capitol – a shoutout to our flag featuring North Star State nickname.

Now, not everyone was doing a happy dance about the new look. Some wanted more greens, and a couple said, “Let’s ask the people!” But hold on, a public vote isn’t a done deal yet – it needs some magic in the DFL-led Legislature.

Say bye-bye to the old flag seen as racist on May 11, 2024 – Statehood Day. It’s not just about changing how it looks; it’s about being more inclusive and waving goodbye to a design that rubbed some folks the wrong way.

The genius behind the winning design? Luverne’s own Andrew Prekker! He gave some nods to Minnesota flag beauty – a green line for nature, white for snow, and blue for our lakes. Andrew feels all sorts of honor, excitement, and gratitude for being part of state history.

Opinions on the new design? It’s a mixed bag. Some said keep it simple, while others worried about representing all Minnesotans. Now that the State Emblems Redesign Commission is wrapping up, they’re talking about giving rights back to folks with other designs. Imagine seeing your flag idea on T-shirts or hats – pretty cool, right?

Our new state flag isn’t just about a fresh coat of paint; it’s about Minnesota growing, being more welcoming, and showing off a fresh identity. Whether you’re a flag nerd, a proud Minnesotan, or just curious about what’s up, circle May 11, 2024, on your calendar. It’s not just a flag change; it’s a piece of our history unfolding. Get ready to celebrate, Minnesota flag style! 

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