Why Aicha Dramé Ought to Be Your New Favourite Beauty and Fashion Influencer

Why Aicha Dramé Ought to Be Your New Favourite Beauty and Fashion Influencer

Make-up is a form of art, and the face is the canvas. It’s not just about stroking the brushes, adding color to the face, and using the array of products available nowadays. The beauty industry requires certain skills and motivation for beauticians to succeed. Aicha Dramé is a rising beauty artist, influencer, and owner of the lash business, The Beauty Kingdom. 

Aicha is one of the most innovative fashion and beauty influencers whose makeup skills have stunned the viewers. It is surely not easy to create such beautiful makeup looks but Aicha is inherited with some amazing skills. Her popular page on Instagram is a treat for makeup lovers and fashionistas as she creates content that is not just visually appealing but shows the talent that is bestowed with. 

Aside from creating digital content around all things related to fashion, she also runs her business of eyelash kits. The Beauty Kingdom currently provides top-notch services such as eyelash extensions and makeup. Along with that she is a coach too and provides online training for lash techs. Her desire to teach and empower other women stems from her tough background and her tales of struggles to achieve the status of success in the current world. As a woman with African lineage, living in Canada and a young mother, she had her fair share of troubles and struggles in making herself comfortable in life. Her struggles have taught her the importance of acquiring skills, exploring your passions, polishing your abilities, and being your boss. 

Aicha dreams to revolutionize the industry by creating awareness of being free of limitations. 

“The Beauty Kingdom is morphed to symbolize who I am today and who I wish for women to be, which is to be limitless.” 

“To be a limitless woman means to be confident, fearless, and to walk in every aspect of who you are. That there’s no limit to who you could be and no cap to how far you can go. Throughout my journey in business and even influencing, I realized I was limiting myself to what society, family, friends and my environment was telling me I should be. I was afraid of exploring other interests and skills I possessed because they didn’t fit my “description.”  And realized that many people, especially women, may go through the same experience.” 

Today, Aicha Dramé has made it her mission as an influencer, entrepreneur, and trainer to help women explore the option in life and provide them with opportunities to learn and succeed in life. She is truly one of the most inspiring and fashionable emerging influencers that ought to be everyone’s favorite. 

Check out her Instagram page here. 

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