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A Look into Enneagram Practitioner Abbi Rodriguez’s Achievements

A Look into Enneagram Practitioner Abbi Rodriguez’s Achievements

The Enneagram is a useful tool in fostering self-awareness and understanding our intrinsic behaviors. This system defines the dynamics of nine personality types for us to have a better understanding of why we think, feel, and act in the ways that we do. Abbi Rodriguez continues to contribute to the field of Enneagram and self-development through her workshops, individual coaching, and education content she offers over social media. In a short amount of time, she has managed to attain a large following of clients who seek her coaching, and followers who aspire to learn from her educational content and podcast. She is certainly revolutionizing the spread and use of the Enneagram by helping people change their lives for the better. 

Certified Enneagram Practitioner

Abbi Rodriguez is a Certified Enneagram Practitioner and has received the certification from The Narrative Enneagram program which is an International Enneagram Association (IEA) Accredited Training Program. Abigail counts it as her biggest asset and achievement as this program is highly regarded by the Enneagram community worldwide. It required her to complete 190 in-person training & internship hours before she was able to be certified and start coaching. 

Aside from that, she has the honor of being an International Enneagram Association (IEA) Accredited Professional. This accreditation acknowledges that she has an advanced level of training in the Enneagram and a depth of professional Enneagram-related practical experience. In order to qualify for this accreditation, she had to complete 150 hours of Enneagram training and 100 hours of Enneagram-related teaching and instruction.

Educational Instagram Influencer 

After earning her necessary qualifications, she has started her coaching practice for individuals, couples, and organizations. Apart from that, she runs her educational Instagram with the name Enneagram Space. She has grown to 18k+ followers organically by providing consistent content and resources for others to learn about the Enneagram. 

Podcast Host

Lastly, she also hosts her podcast “Enneagram Coaching with Abbi Rodriguez” which has helped her achieve recognition as an Enneagram Practitioner. The aim of her podcast episodes is to promote self-discovery, personal growth, and compassion for yourself and others. She describes it as an open space that will allow her listeners to learn more about their underlying motivations and better understand those around them through the lens of the Enneagram. Her podcast and Instagram allow her to teach and create awareness outside of the coaching space while helping people to apply the wisdom of Enneagram into different aspects of their life from self-care to setting boundaries to navigating relationships.

Check out Abbi Rodriguez’s complete podcast episodes on her website and learn more about how to apply the Enneagram in your life, work, and relationships. 

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