Creating a Work-Life Balance; Here Are Lana Kerr’s Goals and Dreams for the Future

Creating a Work-Life Balance; Here Are Lana Kerr’s Goals and Dreams for the Future

Juggling diverse roles as a businesswoman, wife, and mother demands a lot of effort, patience, and hard work to reach your objectives and make a difference while keeping a good family life. Lana Kerr, founder of Lumisque Skincare and a content creator, is known for her inspiring journey. She was involved in health and well-being for over 30 years. She has evolved her business over the years with the same goal of helping people look their best and feel confident.

Lana and her husband Terry, whom she married in 1997, started their weight loss centers around 30 years back, and ever since, they have helped nearly 30,000 people, including celebrities like Beverly Johnson, to achieve their dream weight. The couple has been each other’s biggest support throughout their lives, personal as well as professional. Lana believes their work as a team has helped her maintain a good work-life balance. She also thinks that their ability to manage and create together has kept them close and helped them explore their professional lives and reach where they are today.

She always had a business mindset and exceptional management skills. At 14, Lana launched her first bun business, which laid the foundations of her journey to becoming a businesswoman, and she has never looked back ever since. Now she has a successful skincare company, Lumisque, that she founded to introduce carboxytherapy through the CO2Lift product range.

No one is you, and that is your superpower” – the creative director and woman with a solid commitment to her goals, Lana, lives by this philosophy. She wants people to understand that everything is achievable if we put our heart and soul into it. Breaking stereotypes, she has created CO2LiftV, the first at-home vaginal rejuvenation kit. Lana believes that people talk about skincare, but no one pays attention to the intimate parts of women’s bodies which need equal attention and care.

She intends to grow her company, create more awareness around women’s intimate areas and their struggles, and help them improve their quality of life. Her brand, CO2Lift, has been a life-changing product for many. However, Lana aims to change the meaning of skincare, from great facial and neck treatments to the intimate skin between a woman’s legs, and make her brand CO2LiftV a household name. Click here to learn more about her work and get an insight into her content on social media.

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