John Walsh Gives Details of His Career and Everything That He Hopes to Achieve

John Walsh Gives Details of His Career and Everything That He Hopes to Achieve

Born and raised in Long Island, NY, cryptocurrency influencer and businessman, John Walsh, also famous as CryptoGodJohn, is helping many people become educated on crypto and blockchain technology. He is not someone who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had to make a name for himself quite early on in life, and that too through his own sheer determination and effort. John lost both his parents when he was young. His mother passed away from pancreatic cancer when he was 21, and his father passed away from a heart attack and alcoholism when he was only 24 years old.

In addition to this, John even dropped out of college twice when he was younger. Moreover, his parents’ death also took a toll on him, and John states that he did not have any direction during this point in his life. However, this was until he discovered his love and passion for the crypto industry and all the opportunities that it had to offer. John did not want to live a life full of misery, so he stepped into the world of crypto and became a cryptocurrency influencer. 

John Walsh is currently gaining immense popularity and becoming one of the biggest Twitter influencers in the world with over 180k followers. Moreover, he has also earned several millions of dollars by investing in cryptocurrency. His company, WWG, became a multi-million dollar business within just a year after it was established. Furthermore, together with WWG, John also started two other businesses, all within the span of a year. His success has led to him helping many different celebrities and professional athletes with crypto. 

He owns three organizations, all of which stem from cryptocurrency. His first business is the Walsh Wealth Group, which is a crypto community platform that individuals need to pay monthly to join. The primary focal point of WWG is to provide numerous veterans and beginners with a platform to share thoughts and get familiar with the crypto industry. Likewise, the Walsh Wealth Group takes into account pretty much everything with regards to crypto and it is the best place to gain knowledge from.

In addition to WWG, Walsh Wealth Ventures is the second business that John owns. Walsh Wealth Ventures is another VC capital fund that expects to help and put investments into new crypto businesses that are launching and coming to light. The business endeavors to make early investments in the best new projects being introduced to the market. Also, Walsh Wealth Ventures has joined forces with the absolute greatest influencers on the planet like Mr. Beast, KSI, Tobias Harris, and numerous other big names. Lastly, John’s third business is Chainview. This business is still in its beginning phases of development. Chainview is an analytical platform that individuals can use to perform detailed research.

John’s goals are to become one of the biggest crypto influencers in the world and help everyone achieve success and happiness through crypto. He also wants to own several different businesses, own property, and help as many people as he can.     

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