Living Out of a Suitcase: How Philistine Amenaki Developed a Passion for Creating Travel Content

Living Out of a Suitcase: How Philistine Amenaki Developed a Passion for Creating Travel Content

Born in France and originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Philistine has been no stranger to traveling. At only 11 months, Philistine moved to Canada and from thereon, at the tender age of five, was moving to different cities and countries. Currently settled in a small town called Sheffield, Philistine accredits her parents, who predisposed her to discover a passion for traveling at a very young age and utilize it to the best of her creative abilities. As the years progressed, her drive to create travel content led her to start a travel blog in 2019. 

Philistine’s journey of being a travel content creator while working a full-time job as a nurse was riddled with certain challenges. Starting at only 800 followers on Instagram and not meeting the targets she had long hoped for, Philistine knew that she needed to be steered in the right direction. She also knew that she couldn’t do so without the help of a few mentors specializing as experts in her field. Philistine finally reached out to mentors Samia Jay, and Nikki, and from there onwards, there was no looking back. Her travel blog grew exponentially, and she saw that her desired targets started to materialize. Philistine believes and also hopes to impart to others that there is nothing wrong in seeking guidance when you need it the most. She has had innumerable opportunities to connect to experts in her field, learn from them and implement those practices in her line of work. As her own experience indicates, Philistine wants young entrepreneurs to take the first step forward in seeking advice that would produce a win-win situation. 

Currently running a beach hat line venture of her own, she aims to inspire black women and encourage them to travel the world. Philistine believes that women deserve the finer things in life and wants her brand to reflect that idea. She also plans to open a new business- the details she hasn’t revealed yet- and leave her nursing job to go into a full-time business. We hope that her awe-inspiring journey serves as a glimmer of hope and motivation for all young businesswomen in the making. 

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