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Self-entrepreneurs: 5 good resolutions for 2020

Self-entrepreneurs: 5 good resolutions for 2020

2020 is coming, and with it comes its share of good resolutions and targets. For entrepreneurs, a new year is synonymous with improvement and growth ambitions. But for many of them, there are still good reflexes to adopt in order to put all the chances on their company’s side. Vistaprint sheds light on 5 tricks to achieve this.

1. Identify the training needed to deepen one’s knowledge

With the new technologies, the different tools are developing at high speed and the competition is getting tougher. In order to stand out and keep up, it is necessary to be regularly informed of the latest trends and to quickly take them on board. So don’t hesitate to get trained! Online or face to face, there are numerous training courses adapted to each person’s level. Moreover, if you pay your RSI or URSSAF contributions, you are entitled to professional training as an entrepreneur like all employees. To find out more: there is only one organization to contact, the training insurance fund (FAF). The amount you pay for training will depend on the activity you carry out:

  • Commerce: the AGEFICE (Association de Gestion du Financement de la Formation des Chefs d’Entreprises).
  • Service provision or liberal professions: FIFPL (Fonds Interprofessionnel de la Formation des Professionnels Libéraux).
  • Craft industry: for technical or trade-specific training: the FAFSA (Fonds d’Assurance Formation des Chefs d’Entreprise Artisanale). For training courses relating to business management and development: the regional chamber of trades and crafts in its region (for example for the Burgundy region).

2. Identifying growth opportunities

First of all, it is important to focus on the tasks that bring you the most income. To do this, you can identify your best opportunities for growth and define what you will need to manage your business full-time. Then, don’t hesitate to ask for advice and feedback from those around you about your products and solutions or services. You can then use this feedback to test new marketing tactics, new production processes or new products that will take you to the next level. An entrepreneur could test how his product sells at events or trade shows. This will not only allow them to reach new customers and generate new sources of revenue but also provide valuable feedback to improve their product.

3. Use the right tools to stay productive

Time is precious at work, and even more so when you are the captain of the ship. So time management is essential. To achieve this, it is important to impose an iron discipline, to focus on the essentials, but also to use the right tools to be as productive as possible: database, applications to manage your schedule, corporate social network, CRM, or even shared documents to collaborate with potential service providers.

In the age of digital transformation, it is essential for an entrepreneur to have these tools, which will allow him to be more efficient, more productive and less stressed. This is the key to generating leads, optimizing customer relationships and boosting conversions!

4. Anticipate the year’s peaks inactivity

Take the time to reflect on the highlights of the year so that you can best prepare in advance. Based on the history of previous years, estimate the volumes of contacts expected over the first 6 months of the year by drawing up a plan of the activity and organize a detailed retro-planning. At the peak of activity, keep a regular report in order to analyze the evolution of your activity and adjust your methods if necessary. Finally, don’t forget to monitor your performance!

5. Stay visible

Boosting your business rhymes with visibility, and far too many entrepreneurs still neglect this aspect. First of all, don’t neglect the digital: website, blog, social networks are all communication channels to exploit at a lower cost. But it is not enough to be present on the internet to be visible. You have to make users want to click on your site and to do this, work on visual identity and branding is essential. Take particular care in the choice of your logo, your graphic charter as well as your content and your messages. And they must be adapted to your target: by directly touching their centers of interest, you will be able to build loyalty and convert your traffic into leads.

Don’t underestimate the power of virality on social networks either! By broadcasting original and eye-catching content, you will increase your online visibility and reach new targets.

Finally, take advantage of all the networking opportunities. Find out about entrepreneurial networks in your city or country and connect with your peers. Meet people who have similar goals to yours and whose businesses are thriving full-time. Their knowledge and experience could help you realize your dreams.

Before embarking on a networking event, make sure you have rehearsed your pitch so that you feel ready to present your offers clearly and succinctly and to seize any opportunities that come your way.

In conclusion, the success of a business does not depend solely on the multiplication of sales. To achieve optimal growth, it is necessary to take care of its communication, its network, its peaks of activity and above all… of yourself!

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