Spiritualist and Free-Spirit, Nichole Magana Promotes Self-Care Content through Social Media

Spiritualist and Free-Spirit, Nichole Magana Promotes Self-Care Content through Social Media

The well-being of your mind and body comes before anything. Putting theory into practice, Nichole Magana, a successful content creator, a naturalist, and a spiritualist, firmly believes that the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. Chole is an inspiring and fearless woman who talks about self-care, healthy living, and outdoor adventures on her Youtube and Instagram and creates awareness about things she feels are essential. She embraces her imperfections and loves herself for who she is, which is evident through her content, making her stand out.

Most people associate self-care with only protecting your physical health, but mental health is equally important and plays a massive role in everyday matters. Chole believes it’s high time to prioritize our needs and take breaks to find that balance between work and life. Although she has lived through extremely tough circumstances since her childhood, that has never affected her way of looking at life. She is grateful for all the big and small achievements she has made so far, and she aspires to continue her journey with the same determination and enthusiasm.

A full-time content creator with a thriving business, Chole has a lot to cater to in her daily routine, yet she still takes time for small things like skincare and haircare and shares it with people.

She doesn’t claim to be a professional but shares her gym routine with her audience, motivating them to adopt a lifestyle that would propel them forward with things that fuel the brain. In one of her YouTube videos, Chole talked about seasonal depression and its underlying symptoms, hoping to normalize the term. In the past, she had been running away from her mental problems, but in her videos, she shared her progress with the audience. Coming to terms with her mental health, finding ways to cope with the issues, and things that helped her battle through that mental strain – she discussed all these aspects with her audience with the utmost candor.

Chole found her ground after much hard work. As someone who loves working out, she wants people to understand that we all have our beginnings. It takes time to finally accept yourself despite hardships. We should remember that we can either hate our bodies or build the body we desire. Here is a link to her YouTube and Instagram to learn more about her life and work.

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