Health Coach, Speaker, and Host – Meet the Woman Behind Wellness and Wonder Podcast, Francesca D’Amico

Health Coach, Speaker, and Host – Meet the Woman Behind Wellness and Wonder Podcast, Francesca D’Amico

Change is often difficult, even when it is something we really want, and is beneficial to us in the long term. To keep us on the right track, we turn to help from life or health coaches. Think of them as a personal cheerleader, guide, and partner. They help their clients to implement a lifestyle change to improve, not only their physical health but their emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual well-being as well. One such life coach, by the name of Francesca D’Amico, is an all-rounder. Not only does she dedicate her time to helping people, but she is also a speaker and host for several podcasts, all linked to improving the wellness of her listeners.

Francesca’s road to success has always borne fruit. Whatever venture she has embarked upon, has proved successful and fulfilling. She started out as a culinary artist, sharing her love and passion for food, by establishing a catering company called Gattopardesca Francesca’s Kitchen, in London. With the belief that food is the purest form of love and art, Francesca worked on various combinations of ingredients that enticed the palate and made her customers feel the magic behind her creations. Wanting to expand on this entire concept, she held events known as FAM, which celebrated food, art, and music from all walks of life, all over Europe.

Just before COVID-19, she made the decision to close that chapter of her life, and move on to other ventures. During the months of the pandemic, Francesca decided to try an entirely new route and decided to become a life coach. She wanted to take her love of helping people, and being of service to them, and bring about change and awareness of love and being into their lives. After a few online courses, she felt that she was ready to start making a difference with teck hustlers.

Through the positive power of social media, Francesca was able to build a following as she began to host her podcast show by the name Wellness and Wonder. Through her talks, she hopes to give power to words and spread hope to the people who need it. Francesca believes in using the language of leaders to help the lost souls and guide them toward the light once more.

As a person who fights for the truth, beauty, and love that allows people to bloom and bare their souls, Francesca draws on her own experience of attaining internal and external peace to help those seeking to do the same. She believes that the moment a person realizes what they want, nothing is impossible for them to achieve. Helping people find their true selves, and being at peace with themselves, is Francesca’s endgame, and she plans on assisting as many people as she possibly can.

If you wish to become a part of this journey to a better existence, then simply visit Francesca’s podcast website here.

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