How Jack Kellogg Turned $30k into $8M

How Jack Kellogg Turned $30k into $8M

You might have come across the name ‘Jackaroo’ on Twitter or but his real name is Jack Kellogg. He is a 23-year-old who lives in New Hampshire and set out on his journey towards financial freedom by investing in penny stocks.

From the age of 16, he started to work at LAZ parking as a valet attendant and saved whatever he earned there. He was sure from a young age that he wanted to be self-employed in the future and started exploring different entrepreneurial ventures. In 2017, he made a new year’s resolution to invest the $10k saved up from valet into a business. At first, he looked into real estate but soon realised that he was too young and didn’t have enough capital for this industry. Then, he gained an interest in day trading and started looking into stock investment. He wanted to become the best at something that was very challenging and stock trading filled this criterion.

Fortunately, he ran into his childhood friend at the gym who was also looking into day trading and penny stocks. He had been studying for years and got Kellogg up to speed on some basics. He suggested Timothy Sykes’s Millionaire Challenge trading program for further guidance and Kellogg fell in love with this game. Before risking any of his hard-earned money, he spent most of 2017 studying OTC penny stocks and saving up money to start over the pattern day trader rule. After taking upon a few small trades and paper trades, he ended up losing a few thousand that year and didn’t grow his equity much either. By August, he was able to save $28k and started working again.

In January 2018, he had $30k saved up and went full-time day trading. He ended up making a small profit in the first few months but was hit by a $7k loss and then a $5k loss in May. As compensation for the loss, he had to sell a few of his things but was able to save $28k and started working again in August. He had his first $10k month in September and from there achieved the milestone of passing $100k at the end of February 2019. He made almost $50k in a single month of February which is even more than what he started investing with. After 2020, the numbers just kept going up with every passing month. He passed $250k in March, $500k in June, $1M in November, 800k in December, and 1.4M in January 2021. February 2021 is his best month to date as he made $2.5M in it and another $2M with March, April, May, June 2021 combined. 

This is how Jack Kellogg turned $30k into $8M trading purely from a technical and psychological standpoint. This industry is not as fruitful to everyone and he has beaten all odds to get here after extensive studying and hard work.

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