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The Inspirational Story Behind the Successful Influencer, Eric Castellano

The Inspirational Story Behind the Successful Influencer, Eric Castellano

Every story has a beginning and every influencer has an inspirational story to tell behind their success. Eric Castellano is the CEO of AmazonLit with 8 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. He owns an Amazon distributor company with his partner Sebastian Cwik that has become the largest wholesale third-party company with $350 million products sold on the website.

Eric has always been passionate about running a business from a young age. Ever since he was a kid, he would even save up the money he received on birthdays. As he grew up, he worked in McDonald’s and saved up enough to invest somewhere. Then, he decided to buy wholesale products such as jewelry, handbags, and candy and sell them to his classmates. 

His entrepreneurial journey began with only a few bucks and an intelligent mind. He learned the concept of supply and demand, how to increase net worth and gross profit, how to deal with vendors, how to manage employees, etc. His initial years of building a company were harsh as he had spent his twenties sleeping on his friends’ couches and suffering from failures. However, the disappointments of losing money and not gaining any profit did not hinder his passion to become a successful businessman. 

Eric learned to be compassionate and empathize with people because of his personal experiences, which also made him pursue his profession as an Amazon coach. He learned through his failures to climb up the business ladder and eventually gain so much profit that he became one of the top Amazon sellers with $50 million in sales every year. He has also received a Two Comma Club Award from ClickFunnels for his high achievements. 

Eric has been featured in the entrepreneur magazine, yahoo and many other publications for his inspirational story and his efforts to bring a revolution in the world of e-commerce. He has been working hard to educate others about the Amazon business so that they can learn from his experiences and gain revenue and life experience. He has launched a 18 module course with live mentoring called EsellersRI to help new and existing small Amazon businesses operating online that have the potential to be more successful. 

Eric has always surrounded himself with positivity. He likes to be in the company of masterminds and inner circles who can motivate him to try harder. His goal for his business is to increase the revenue by $100 million Amazon sales yearly. As a mentor, Eric aims to educate 20,000 Amazon sellers through his consulting agency, AmazonLit, and he has reached 20% of that goal already. To initiate learning, Eric has also arranged a Business Growth Hacks Live event where he invites different entrepreneurs to talk about e-commerce and real estate that can inspire new businesses to expand. Eric is the perfect mentor to help people improve their Amazon business by learning from his expertise and experience as an 8 figure Amazon seller.

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