Thriving Ayah Ramadan Speaks about Her Journey of Becoming the Rising Presenter of Al Aan TV

Thriving Ayah Ramadan Speaks about Her Journey of Becoming the Rising Presenter of Al Aan TV

The passionate Ayah Ramadan is a successful presenter at the very young age of 23. She produces and presents her famous talk show “Good News” that airs on Al Aan TV. 

From the origins of Syria, Ayah was born and grew up in the suburbs of Abu Dhabi. She always had her family’s love, support, and encouragement in everything she wanted to pursue. 

Her liking for the media had already turned into her dream when she graduated high school. That’s when Ayah applied for a scholarship to American University in Dubai for her Bachelor of Communication and Information Studies. She secured a scholarship and started to chase after her destiny. 

With a minor in Visual Communication and Digital Media, Ayah grew her skills, which led her to complete her degree with academic excellence from Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication in the AUD. 

Ayah found her passion for being a TV presenter while making an IGTV series of videos on Instagram where she covered various sensitive and crucial topics. She received overwhelming responses and recognition from her videos. Giving a few interviews for her IGTV video was the first step towards Ayah’s career as a presenter, and she decided to pursue the field of TV presenting. “Good News” is Ayah’s first project yet most successful and prideful experience as a presenter. 

Alongside her successful talk show, Ayah has also worked as an assistant producer of Mourasiloun for two seasons in Al Aan TV. Her upcoming project includes a documentary about why Khawater stopped for Ahmad Al Shugairi’ which will be aired on Netflix. 

The Syrian presenter and producer has tremendous social skills and loves to meet and communicate with new people. Her socially dynamic nature helped Ayah a great deal in coping up with the socially vibrant field of TV and media. The successful broadcaster was also featured on Dubai billboards twice as part of the ‘Al Aan family, 2021.’

Ayah also loves to play her part in the betterment of society and return value to the community she lives in. She has volunteered in various charities, hospitals, and just community service. Due to her liking for meeting new people, she is able to reach people, help them and talk to them. Socializing has always been easy for Ayah because of her love for learning about different cultures and other people. The young talent loves talking to people from all around the world.

The lively presenter and talented producer shares that pursuing what she loves every day is all the success she needs. Ayah feels excited and thrilled about her future as a presenter of her own talk show where she can discuss human development topics and influence the upcoming generations.

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